The Sole

Our soles are made from 100% recycled car tires from Ghana.

In Africa, there are not a lot of recycling options due to a lack of infrastructure development. People are left to worry about their own waste management which most of the time leads to excessive refuse. Car tires are amongst the most non-biodegradable forms of waste. Most of the time, the tires will end up in the landfill, or burnt.

Both ways are ecologically unfriendly and create more waste for the environment. We decided to do the little that we can to protect our environment by using the car tires to reinforce our shoes. The tires are cut using a traditional knife to create a duplicate pattern for each shoe. We then glue the sole to the shoe. After drying, we hand stitch the sole to make sure that there is a lifelong bond between sole and shoe.

This process is done without mechanization and defines our core values of being creative, and saving our environment while creating an economic solution for our artists.

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Making of the Sole