The wait is finally over! We decided to release "Gutta Gold" The Audio Film on YouTube and Vimeo, free of charge for a limited time!

After this short period the film will be available to stream on: Vimeo On Demand, Amazon Prime Video US, Amazon Prime Video UK, UDU Digital, as well as FILMHUB.

Thank you for your patience, and enjoy our journey!

I’m also happy to announce that The "Gutta Gold" EP is now live on Apple Music, iTunes Store, Spotify, Tidal, and Amazon Music!

Unfortunately, due to sample clearances and "other" difficulties, the song "Light" was not included on the EP. Instead, we included the song "Real Code". "Light" is still available as a single on all streaming/download platforms.

We appreciate your support of the film and hope the music will add to its depth The "Gutta Gold" EP Master Link -

What is Gutta Gold?

It is an Audio Film being released by Open Gutta Films. It is starring, written, directed, produced, and edited entirely by @kromanteng. It is an Audio/visual journey into the world of @guttasoles , the custom sneaker company based in Accra, Ghana; as well as the mind of the CEO/Founder Leslie Bentil aka Kromanteng. The music was produced by Berlin beatmaker QFormat and will be available in the form of an EP on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music etc.

The story that is told is fictionalized at certain points to focus on the metaphor of finding gold in whatever type of "gutter" you happen to be in; but for the most part it’s the true story of starting a sneaker company in Ghana and the psychological struggles associated with "taking the road less traveled."

The peaks and valleys of life are understood better through many perspectives. I hope the perspective of this journey gives a helping hand to all those who have chosen to chase their dreams and find gold from their gutters to better their lives and other around them. "Git GUTTA!"